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3d Printing

3d Printing

3D Printing @ Idealabkids

3D Printing at IDEA Lab Kids Spans everything from Modern Medicine Marvels to time traveling with dinosaurs. Through 3D Design and Printing Students explore everything from modeling to finished product! Students will cultivate their love for the cutting edge science behind 3D Printing.

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Birthday Experiences


Class Tracks


Knowledge and Skills Gained

  • 3D vs 2D Space
  • 3D Modeling
  • Basic Through Advanced 3D printing techniques
  • 3D Slicing
  • 3D Printing enrichment to STEAM Subjects

Real World Connections

  • Understand 3D printing applicationĀ 
  • 3D printing in medicine
  • 3D Printing and history
  • 3D printing to solve a real world problem

Earn Digital Badges

Earn Digital Badges


Window into the classroom

IDEA Lab Kids boasts a 12:1 Student to Instructor ratio that allows students to get critical hands-on time and attention that is needed to develop their 3D modeling and slicing skills and perfect their 3D printing techniques. Each student gets hands on experience with developing thier own 3D Models to take home long after class or camp has ended.

  • Space for creativity
  • Hands-on 3D modeling experience
  • Project Based Learning
  • Real world applications of 3D printing
  • 3D printing to solve a world crisis

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